Satisfied Customers

Front porch

“It was amazing to watch the house take shape. Dennis and his staff spent a lot of time with us discussion our daily lifestyle, our goals, and our families. The result is a home that meets or exceeds our expectations in every way.”


“We never had a home built before, so it was important to us to have someone like Dennis McConnell provide resources from lot selection and architectural design to helping us design stained glass.”


“We’ve built homes before, but having someone who’s always available to answer out questions and explain options was invaluable. Dennis and his crew were always a step ahead so things were never rushed.”


“It always seemed like we were making decisions that didn’t need to be made for another six weeks. Without exception, however, we came to appreciate this professionalism.”


“It was nice to be able to ask any member of their team questions. If they didn’t know the answer they got it quickly and everyone seemed to be on the same page.”